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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mar 22 Aoû - 19:19

    Des news :
    It looks like the Early Imperial Roman Auxiliaries will be out early September so before their release it was thought we should run one of our free worldwide shipping deals.

    So free worldwide shipping on all orders over £50.00 will commence from today until Sunday 27th August.

    The discount code = August 2017

    This will be the last one for a while as the Auxiliaries will be quite clsely followed by the War Elephant.

    Included in this post is the first renders of the Early Imperial Roman Cavalry, more to follow. This set will include a mounted officer and two mounted Roman generals. This will not be due to release until early 2018.

    We now have the artwork for all forthcoming releases and I will be posting these on acebook over throughout the period of the current free shipping deal. We start today with the War Elephant and the Roman Auxiliary.F

    I have been informed by Little Big Men Studios that they will be producing transfer sheets for the Elephant's howdah, more to follow later.

    Et encore :
    Here is the second Early Imperial Roman cavalry render. Again I reiterate that as yet we do not have a release date but would anticipate sometime early 2018.

    A reminder that the free worldwide shipping deal is still active but will end this weekend. The code to receive free shipping is:

    August 2017

    Finally we are also showing some of the artwork we will incorporate in the 2 Gallic Infantry sets. Later this week we will show the Gallic and Greek Light cavalry artwork.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Lun 28 Aoû - 14:55

    Des news et un code promo :
    A quick reminder that the free worldwide shipping deal is due to end tomorrow, however, due to the August Bank Holiday this will now extend to Monday.

    Code = August 2017

    More artwork from the very talented Johnny Shumate. On display are a Gallic cavalryman and a Greek light cavalryman.

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    Message par Ranill le Mer 30 Aoû - 22:08

    Pourquoi j'ai toujours un budget ,juste apres les promos Smile

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Sam 16 Sep - 10:44

    Des news :
    We have had a few queries abount shield transfers for the Iberian cavalry. Codes Span1 and Span2 are both suitable to use with the Iberian cavalry.

    To create heavy Iberian cavalry the scutum shields from the Iberian Infantry sets can be used alongside shield transfer codes Span 3, 4 & 5.

    The design team have been fiddling around with the Gallic cavalry to produce another pose option of a mounted warrior with a couched spear position. Let us know what you think.

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    Message par buggy le Dim 17 Sep - 20:03

    J'attend avec impatience la sortie des auxiliares romains !

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mar 19 Sep - 17:53

    Des news :
    Please use this link to get access to the Greek cavalry shield transfers, we found them hidden on the website so have made some adjustments to the shopping system. Please note that the infantry Greek hoplite shield transfers can also be used on the Greek cavalry.


    Finally again our thanks to Paul O'Gorman for sharing his images of the wonderful paint work he has applied to our Greek cavalry.

    Tomorrow I will post images of the 3rd EIR cavalry figure and hopefully an update on the Roman Auxiliaries.

    Encore des news :
    Due for release before the end of this month will be the new Early Imperial Roman Auxiliaries. Once they are relased we will not be running any deals so we are taking this opporunity to run a short six day FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING DEAL.

    Code = September 2017

    This offer only applies to orders over £55.

    The attached image is the 3rd rendor for our Early Imperial Roman Cavalry.

    To complete this exciting new set our design team our currently working on a mounted Roman cavalry officer and the second mounted general. We will share images of these new renders as soon as they are available.

    Finally, we at Victrix would like to thank Paul O'Gorman for sharing with us images of his superbly painted Victrix Greek/Macedonian cavalry.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Ven 29 Sep - 11:20

    Des news :
    A quick reminder that the free worldwide shipping deal finishes Sunday evening. All orders over £55 ship free.

    Code = September 2017

    The Roman Auxiliary infantry are almost with us so a quick reminder of what they will look like using the digital renders. We have also included the first 2 shield transfer designs from LBMS.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mar 10 Oct - 17:47

    Des news :

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    Message par darkness le Mar 10 Oct - 18:19

    S'ayez auxiliaires commandés ce weekend bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

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    Message par Triarus le Dim 15 Oct - 10:17

    ah cool Smile j'attends tes retours Darkness pour voir si j'en commande aussi ou pas, simplement savoir si la taille des figs est la même que celles de chez warlord games ?

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