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    [Victrix] Nouveautés


    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par meetbymodem le Mar 15 Nov - 15:20

    cool ! merci Wink

    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par meetbymodem le Jeu 17 Nov - 16:18

    Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary command Signifer

    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Jeu 17 Nov - 16:33

    LA claque, ils ont vraiment une bonne idée de se lancer dans le romain impérial.

    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par meetbymodem le Jeu 17 Nov - 17:25

    j'aurai bien aime un set de romain césar ... on peut pas tout avoir de suite ...

    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mer 23 Nov - 23:02

    Des news :
    Thanksgiving tomorrow which even us Brits now know is followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday (what does that mean?) and potentially Tw*t Tuesday.

    Anyway we have had to acquiece with world trends so will be running a 4 day free postage deal on orders over £50 from Friday to Monday. To qualify just type


    into the discount box at checkout.

    The sculpting of the Early Roman Auxiliaries draws near to it's conclusion with the completion of the Centurion figure. Here are some notes from the head of design:

    "There are 3 weapon arm options and two head options. One helmet is the Legionary helmet and one helmet is based on the plainer Auxiliary helmet. I really could not find any information as to whether the officers of Auxiliary units would have worn the plainer helmet style or the fancier Legionary style? So plumped for both which means the figure can be used with the Legionaries as well which is no bad thing. The sculptor created a feathered crest for the Legionary helmet version which is a nice touch and adds variety when swapping heads".

    Just the Musician to do now and then onto some Gauls.

    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par meetbymodem le Jeu 24 Nov - 7:09

    faut qu'ils arrêtent , ou tout le monde va jouer des romains !! Wink

    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Sam 26 Nov - 17:35

    Des news :
    The design team have just finished the Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary command with the musician and Optio.

    Next week work commences on Gallic infantry, more details to follow on the content of this set once I have finalised it with the head of design.

    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par darkness le Dim 27 Nov - 8:44

    s'est quand la sortie????? que j'explose mon portefeuille santa santa santa santa !!!!!!!!!!!

    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Jeu 1 Déc - 22:28

    Des news :
    I am delighted to show the first render of our future Gallic Infantry set.

    Here are a few notes from the head of design:

    "The shield is a place holder at present but the intention will be to design a variety of Gallic shields.

    We made the figure a little taller than the Romans as Gauls were reputed to have been taller. We wanted a good musculature but not over the top with 10 packs from a muscle mag!"

    At present the plan is to have a set of 48 figures comprising 6 command (Chieftens, musicians and standard bearers) and 42 warrior figures. The main frame will feature 6 warrior figures with many head, arm and weapon options.

    In addition we will also be releasing a 24 man "Naked Fanatics" set including the relevant command pieces.

    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par Dame du Lac le Ven 2 Déc - 1:16

    Et encore des fanatiques à poil annoncés.... grrrrrrrr  Mad
    J'espèrais plus de rigueur de la part de Victrix.

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    Re: [Victrix] Nouveautés

    Message par Contenu sponsorisé

      La date/heure actuelle est Sam 21 Juil - 13:38