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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Sam 23 Jan - 11:00

    Des news avec du frais de port offert, du numide à poney et une petite galerie :
    [quoteMy apologies I am repeating myself as this is the same as the previous post regarding worldwide free postage this weekend. However, a subtle difference as I wanted to share with you the latest renders of the Numidian cavalry.

    Anyway first of all blah blah blah:

    For this weekend only we are offering free shipping worldwide on all plastic products with all orders over £35.00, just type


    in the discount box.Please note this offer does not apply to LBMS shield transfers although these can be included in plastic orders of over £35.00.

    Numidian Cavalry

    Still a few tweaks to do and lots more heads and arms to show at some stage but this in essence is the first of our cavalry sets.

    In the next couple of weeks we start on Ancient Spanish cavalry.[/quote]

    La galerie :

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mer 3 Fév - 17:14

    Du FB :
    Well there is going to be quite a lot of news and product releases going on over the next couple of weeks.

    The first Ancient Spanish set, probably unarmoured warriors, is likely to go on pre order next week. I have attached to this post packaging artwork to get you all in the right frame of mind to build an Ancient Iberian force, one of Republican Romes fiercest enemies.

    I will also be showing images of the first batch of Ancient Spanish shield transfers.

    However, the latest news is that 2 new sets of plastic round bases are now on sale. These are high quality bases with textured upper surfaces and a neatly chamfered edge. There are 2 sets available, 20mm round bases (120 bases per set) and 25mm round bases (96 bases per set).

    Also now on sale is VX0019 French Napoleonic Artillery 1804-1812 XI system with 6pdr guns and howitzers. this will allow customers to field the later XI system with crew in pre Bardin uniforms.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Ven 5 Fév - 16:50

    Du FB :
    - l'annonce d'un deuxième kit de cavalerie, ce sera soit de la cavalerie ibérique ou de la cavalerie romaine.
    - Du transfert hispanique

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Lun 8 Fév - 18:31

    Les transferts LBM :

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    Message par Chien Sauvage le Lun 8 Fév - 21:58

    Je me demande combien de cavaliers numides contiendra la boite, en tout cas c est certains je serais client car ils sont magnifiques

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    Message par CdtK le Mar 9 Fév - 16:15

    Chien Sauvage a écrit:Je me demande combien de cavaliers numides contiendra la boite, en tout cas c est certains je serais client car ils sont magnifiques

    Sauf gros changement il devrait rester sur la classique douzaine.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Lun 15 Fév - 18:01

    Rien que pour vos yeux ! Du FB :
    I am pleased to announce that today we have released our set of Ancient Iberian Unarmoured Warriors. In addition we have also released the Balearic slingers.

    To go with the unarmoured warriors we also have 4 sets of shield transfers.

    The Armoured Iberian Warriors will probably be released in 3-4 weeks as we make a few enhancements to the tool.

    Full details can be found at www.victrixlimited.com

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    Message par Chien Sauvage le Lun 15 Fév - 21:55

    Je les trouve très dynamiques, pour une fois avec victrix ça change et en bien en plus. Les frondeurs sont très classiques, je ne suis pas certains d en prendre du coup, surtout qu ils ne seront que commandable sur leur site il me semble

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mer 17 Fév - 16:31

    Et on rajoute une feuille de transfert supplémentaire :

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Sam 5 Mar - 11:47

    Préparez votre porte feuille car ça va tomber !

    This is a quick post having just arrived hot foot from London where I had a very positive meeting with the tooling company. The future is looking very up beat with lots of new products planned.

    Immediate news is that the unarmoured and armoured Samnites will be released in about 3 weeks. I am also confident that at least 1, possibly 2 of the 3 Macedonian sets will be ready for Salute.

    The Armoured Iberians should be released sometime in the next 5-10 days.

    After that will be the 3rd Macedonian set (Hypaspists) with the Numidian cavalry following in quick succession.

    Then will come the Ancient Spanish cavalry and these can be seen in the attached images.

    We will shortly commence work on 2 more ancient mounted sets and a major series of sets that cover one of the most powerful armies from the ancient world. More news to follow.

    Grosso merdo dans les prochaines semaines (mois) par ordre d'arrivée :
    - samnites (avec et sans armure),
    - ibériens (avec armure),
    - 3 sets de macédoniens (prévu pour le salute)
    - les hypaspists et la cavalerie numide
    - Cavalerie ibère
    - 2 sets de cavalerie (romaine ?, grecs/macédoniennes ?, carthaginoise ?)

    Pour égayer tout ça, une petite photo :

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Jeu 10 Mar - 16:41

    Du FB :
    There will be quite a bit of news over the next 24 - 48 hours. First of all the Samnite artwork arrived to day do we will now sort out the packaging. For all those painters and gamers who like bright vibrant armies the Samnites will appeal. There will be 2 sets, armoured and unarmoured with 4 figures per sprue and 6 sprues in the set. All the parts for command figures are included in the frame. A total of 24 figures per set.

    At some stage over the weekend I will be showing the completed digital models of the Iberian cavalry. In keeping with the Iberian theme I have also posted a few photograhs of the Armoured Iberian warriors.

    These fought for years against the Republican Romans and also fought as mercenaries for the Carthaginians so all in all very useful troops.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Ven 11 Mar - 16:08

    Du FB :
    Responses to the last post raised a few questions about various subjects and I will try and deal with these in this thread

    But before I do this I want to share with everyone images of the finished Ancient Iberian Cavalry. The release date is uncertain at present but I would expect sometime over the summer. The set will be made up of 3 horses and 3 riders but with lots of head, crest, and arm options so there will be plenty of scope for ensuring every figure and horse looks unique. We will probably sell it in sets of 12 figures.

    There are many posts about what people would like us to produce and in an ideal world we would produce everything requested and give the sets away free of charge. However, we live in the real world and therefore time and commercial reality will dictate what we produce and how quickly it can be done. Nevertheless, I will confirm the following:

    1. We have not abandoned Napoleonics and I have already discussed with the Head of Design both mounted and foot sets to be worked on in the autumn. More news later.

    2. I am hoping to announce a new range of Ancients sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. This new series of sets are already being worked on but I want to wait for an image of the first render before making an announcement. I noted that there has been much speculation on TMP with some potential good ideas and some not so good.

    3. WWI will remain on hold for the foreseable future due to technical reasons.

    4. Reworking our non digital sets is possible but not commercially sensible so I am afraid Napoleonic Dutch Sappers will not happen.

    5. Taking a digital model and turning it into something that can be moulded in metal is not practical so I am afraid Campanian cavalry is also a non starter.

    6. Someone asked why I had not shown the illustration of the Iberian Cavalry artwork. We have only just finished the digital sculpting and these "renders" will be used as the basis for the artwork. Be patient and all in good time.

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    Message par Chien Sauvage le Ven 11 Mar - 21:49

    Les cavaliers sont superbes ils seront miens, c est une certitude, et en prime avant l été si j ai bien compris donc on aura pas longtemps a attendre, c est enthousiasmant

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Jeu 31 Mar - 15:40

    Les samnites sont dans la place :
    Salute 2016 Deals

    Due to the varying price of our plastic products it is difficult to run multi box deals. However, instead we will run a sliding percentage discount depending on the number of plastic sets you wish to purchase. This applies to all plastic products be it figure sets, aircraft, bases or movement trays.

    1 box 0% discount
    2-3 boxes 10% discount
    4-6 boxes 20% discount
    6-10 boxes 25% discount
    10+ boxes 30% discount

    Unfortunately we are unable to offer discounts on the LittleBigMenStudios shield transfers.

    The Samnites were a tribal group of the Oscan peoples that occupied Central and Southern Italy. They were fierce warriors and in their many wars with Rome they earned a high military reputation.

    Samnites fought in loose formations armed with javelins and sword, preferably in hilly or wooded terrain. They were formidable fighters in close combat.

    These fantastic and highly detailed miniatures are ideal as enemies of Republican Rome or fighting as allies and mercenaries in a Carthaginian army. They can also be used as earlier Italian peoples such as Lucani, Bruttii or Campani.

    Both sets of 24 figures will be on release at Salute 2016 at £17.95 each.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Lun 4 Avr - 18:46

    LA grosse news, la voilà :
    The New ancient range we are starting at Victrix will be Early Imperial Romans. This is a period we have wanted to work on since we started Victrix in 2008 so we are very excited about this and look forward to showing more updates over the coming months.

    We have a render of one of the figures so far. Most of the work up this point has been sorting the equipment such as helmets, shields, armour, weapons etc... Now that is pretty much finalised (a couple of minor tweaks) then the poses for other figures will come thick and fast over the coming weeks.

    The plan is to do a set of Roman Legionaries in attacking active poses and a set in marching/advancing poses for those who like their Romans active and those who like a more linear look.

    There will be pilum and sword arm options, 2 helmet variants plus segmented arm armour variants and some leg options with greaves. Some separate crests and oval shields are being looked at to make Praetorians. We will see if we can fit these on the frame or whether it has to be an extra set?
    We also want to put a few nice bits in there such as arms holding torches and severed heads, this adds a nice touch for those doing skirmish games and as you know we always like to give the customer extras and not just the bare minimum.

    There will be full plastic command frames and a mounted General figure will be produced.

    Other sets in the planning are Auxiliary infantry attacking and advancing, archers, cavalry and Scorpions (Possibly with an ox cart to mount it on)

    Steve form LBMS will be producing a large range of shield transfers for these figures.

    Don’t worry about the Punic wars we are still producing sets for this as well and will hop back and forth between the periods. The great thing is the Numidian cavalry and the already released Balearic slingers can be used in the Early Imperial Roman army.

    We will also be returning to Napoleonics at some stage later this year.

    Hopefully we will have a few more renders by Salute in a couple of weeks.

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    Message par Chien Sauvage le Mar 5 Avr - 7:39

    Je reste un peu dubitatif sur le choix de victrix de choisir cette période, warlord games a dejà pas mal de figurines plastique sur le sujet.
    A voir si ça apporte de la diversité ou du complément. Par contre le commandant monté est une bonne idée.

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    Message par darkness le Mar 5 Avr - 7:43

    Bon ben moi!!!!!je vais encore une fois exploser mon budget!!!! Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
    J'ai déjà une grosse armée en BLACK THREE mais si ils sont compatible?je pense
    que mon porte feuilles va encore en prendre un coup!!!!! bom bom bom

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mar 5 Avr - 15:09

    Une vue 360° du pitou => par ici !

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    Message par TALRI113 le Mar 5 Avr - 20:09

    je rejoins chien sauvage, et pour les mêmes raisons donc un peu déçus du choix de victrix. J'attends avec impatience des Perses achéménides.
    Après faut pas faire non plus la fine bouche, ça fait plaisir d'avoir de plus en plus de choix en plastique pour de l'antique.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mer 13 Avr - 7:31

    Des news :

    Test shots have arrived and all is looking good so we will now go to production. Both the unarmoured and armoured sets are on sale through the website. We will also have plenty of stock at Salute 2016.

    Both sets contain 24 men including various arm options to create command.

    I hope to have some images of unpainted miniatures posted later today.

    Unfortunately with the craziness that is Salute 2016 Steve at LBMS is still completing the first 2 sets of shield transfers for the Samnites. These should be available next week.

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    Message par Chien Sauvage le Mer 13 Avr - 7:39

    Les samnites sortent et les iberes ne sont toujours pas disponibles chez les revendeurs, c est frustrant

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    Message par draco yerrev le Jeu 14 Avr - 14:40

    grr ..et moi qui sait deja pas ou ranger mon armée carthaginoise :lol..( ben vi mine de rien plus de 200 figurines ca prend de la place )...ben faut acheter direct chez victrix , ca te coutera pas beaucoup plus cher au final ( même - , meme si c'est pas trés gentils avec les revendeurs hexagonaux )

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mar 19 Avr - 19:40

    Transfert pour les samnites :

    Et des grosses news avant la fin semaine du FB :
    More updates on Macedonians, cavalry and early Imperial Romans will follow later this week.

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    Message par draco yerrev le Mar 19 Avr - 20:30

    perso j'ai hate que la cav plastique sorte !!

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mer 20 Avr - 19:03

    Du FB :
    At first I did not want to show these images of the next two EIR Legionaries because shields were not included and there are some minor tweaks that still need working on. However, it is all about publicity and there is no such thing as bad publicity in the crazy world of wargaming celebrity.

    Anyway as well as sleeping with my pet slug I am also going to share the next two EIR legionary figures (without shields).

    The next development with this set is as follows:

    One more "action posed" legionary figure.
    Additional up armoured helmets for those that fought the Dacians
    Segmented armoured arms (again Dacians).
    Armoured legs (grieves.......yes the Dacians again).
    4 separate marching figures.
    All the command figures.

    and then the next sets.....but we will give details on those late

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