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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Ven 13 Nov - 13:22

    Du FB :
    What started out as a standard set of Macedonian pikemen has now expanded to 4 different sets. They will be:

    1. Macedonian pikemen
    2. Later Successor pikemen
    3. Hypaspists
    4. Seleucid or Pontic Phalangites (these will feature separate legs featuring trousers)

    All these sets will have a great choice of helmets so that your phalanx will have plenty of variety. At present I think the sets will contain 48 figures (3 command and 45 troops) but this is yet to be confirmed.

    The image shows the office and musician and I hope to be able to show the standard bearer in the near future.

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    Message par CdtK le Ven 13 Nov - 18:01

    Je vais jamais m'en sortir pour tout peindre et prendre les nouvelles boîtes qui sortent What a Face

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    Message par Chien Sauvage le Ven 13 Nov - 18:54

    Tu as largement le temps c est pas avant 2016, t as encore un mois et demi, c est large Wink

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    Message par CdtK le Dim 15 Nov - 9:19

    Oui ça me fait mille figurines par jour minimum, tu as raison, je suis large et j'ai même le temps e prendre une pause Laughing

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    Message par HANNIBAL76200 le Dim 15 Nov - 11:04

    Surtout d'avant en 2016 tu doit avoir la sortie des espagnols et samnites.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Dim 15 Nov - 11:31

    Du FB :
    Here is the Macedonian standard bearer that will obviously be part of the command sprues (officer and musician below).

    I would also like to point out that Steve of LittleBigMenStudios and Victrix fame has promised to produce a series of banner sheets for the Macedonian standard bearer as well as new shield transfer sheets for the pikemen. I cannot wait to see these.

    Work will now start on the Numidian cavalry. News on this set will follow in due course.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Ven 20 Nov - 16:34

    Du FB :

    The new 1812-15 Napoleonic French Artillery is likely to be out in the next week to 10 days. Before this new set is released we will run a post free deal for 1 week only, finishing next Sunday.

    For all orders over £50.00 we will ship post free anywhere in the world. Please note the offer only applies to orders OVER £50.00. To qualify just type Postfree in the discount box when checking out.

    In addition Steve has produced a fantastic new limited edition Hoplite shield transfer sheet. For every box of ancients purchased you will receive a free transfer sheet. Purchase 4 boxes of our ancients and you will receive 4 limited edition shield transfer sheets.

    The shield is not based on an actual design but is a hypothetical design inspired by the story of Greek Mercenaries who fought for the Corinthian general Timoleon against the Carthaginians in Sicily, decisively beating the Carthaginian army at the battle of the River Krimisos in 341BC.

    Some of his mercenaries are said to have had elaborate purple painted shields inlaid with Ivory, gold and amber. They were highly paid and some would have been a picked Guard.

    This sheet is only going to be available for the deal and then it’s gone.

    Finally as a reminder I have posted some images of our Ancients range to remind everyone how good our miniatures really are.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Sam 21 Nov - 18:37

    Nouvelle vague de photos :

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Jeu 26 Nov - 12:01

    Du FB :
    Here we have some images of the Successor phalanx. There are plenty of head variants in this set with multiple crest options. They include Attic, Pylos and Thracian styles that work for Antigonid, Pyrrhic, Seleucid and Ptolmaic Successors or later Hellenistic Greek armies. Mixed with the heads available from the Alexandrian Macedonian phalanx set there will be an enormous amount of options.

    There will be trousered leg options of legs attached to bases that can be used to replace the legs of the phalangite models and make them into Eastern trained Phalangites as used by the Seleucids and Mithridates VI of Pontus.

    Images of those Eastern Phalangite conversion options will be shown next week along with the Hypaspist models. The Hypaspist set will depict the Hypaspists in linothorax with Hoplite shield and long thrusting spear. Very much like Greek Hoplites. We decided to include some Corinthian style helmets with crest options in the set to give it multiple uses as Greek Hoplites at the ready.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Jeu 26 Nov - 21:31

    Ça tombe, enfin !

    Black Friday 48 hours sale now running. 30% off all orders over £30.00 until 6pm GMT Saturday. Type

    Black Friday

    in the discount box at the checkout on our web shop.

    Que dire, go, go, go !

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mar 1 Déc - 9:01

    Aperçu de l’artillerie française :

    Dans l'après midi, un nouveau rendu des hypaspists.

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    Message par Chien Sauvage le Mar 1 Déc - 11:43

    C est le genre de boite qui me pousserais bien à faire du Napoléonien

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mer 2 Déc - 16:58

    C est le genre de boite qui me pousserais bien à faire du Napoléonien
    Tu m'étonnes ^^

    Du FB :
    We have now received the renders of our forthcoming Hypaspist set. There is much conjecture amongst historians on the equipment carried but we have decided to go with thrusting spears and the large Hoplite shield. For those customers who want to arm their Hypaspists with pikes this can easily be done by taking the arms from the Macedonian pikemen set.

    The helmets you see are decorated with horse tail crests which indicates a guard or elite unit. However, we will also be including Coirinthian helmets in this set. I am still waiting for the sculpting to be finished on these and hope to show these off sometime over the weekend.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mar 8 Déc - 9:57

    Du FB :
    The 2 images below are the final part of the latest project to complete our range of Greek and Macedonian foot troops.

    The hoplites are made by combining the Hypaspist bodies with the Corinthian head options that are included in the Hypaspists set. This will enable customers to make them into Hoplites at the ready.

    The Eastern Phalangites are made by removing the legs from the Successor Phalangites and using the trousered leg options that are included on the frame. The legs are attached to bases so this will be a very simple conversion.

    The Numidian horse are next. After that I am not sure but perhaps a different period, at present no firm decisions.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Ven 11 Déc - 19:29

    Du FB :

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    Message par draco yerrev le Mar 15 Déc - 18:07

    ah cool pour le bundle avantine , perso ayant une armee carthaginoise en 28 en cours ( et une en 15mm en projet ) '( surtout ce moi ci Smile
    pour les news plus recentes , le napoleonien est en projet mais pour le moment jai pas encore decider de l'echelle!Quand aux piquiers macedonien , il sont superbe ( peut etre prendre une boit quand il sortiront histoire de commencer une armee macedoniene ...=

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mer 23 Déc - 14:41

    Ils sont enfin là !

    Du FB :
    Here are the first views of one of the Numidian Cavalry we are working on for release mid 2016. Please note it is work in progress and there will be a few sculpting tweaks required.

    Each frame will comprise 3 separate horses, 3 figures with interchangeable arm and head options. We will also include a helmeted head, cloak and sword arm for the officer, a standard bearer arm plus hand options for the shield arms with and without additional javelins. Steve at LBMS will of course be producing shield transfers.

    The number of figures per set and the price are yet to be decided.

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    Message par Chien Sauvage le Mer 23 Déc - 18:04

    Enfin, c est classique mais propre, je vais me laisser tenter je pense, contrairement aux piquiers qui sont bof bof

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    Message par HANNIBAL76200 le Mer 23 Déc - 21:04

    fan de victrix je ne serai pas très objectif sur cette sortie! du numide classique effectivement.
    mais attention faut voir les 2 autres poses ? Ainsi que les options de variantes ?
    De toutes manière il feront parti de mon armée carthaginoise et allié des romains.

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    Message par CdtK le Dim 27 Déc - 14:31

    Quand ils feront 3 boîtes plus une je serais bon pour les prendre aussi Embarassed

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mar 5 Jan - 16:10

    Victrix commence 2016 avec du lourd 30% sur leur boite ! C'est l'occaz pour ce lancer dans le futur CDA !

    Du FB :
    January Sale

    We will be running a 30% of all plastic sets deal for 8 days from now. To qualify for the discount your order must be over £50.00 and to activate the order please type


    In the discount box at the checkout stage of the web shop.

    I have just received the 3 completed ponies for the Numidian cavalry set and have been told the 3 riders plus all the arm, head, weapon options will be ready by the end of the month.

    Numidian ponies did not have saddles or any tack other than a rope around the neck the rider would pull to apply pressure to the windpipe.

    The model is done at medium pony size and is made a bit stockier than the actual Numidian ponies which were smaller and more wirey. The reason for this is for tooling and manufacturing purposes. We want to avoid thin legs that would be liable to snapping.

    The connections to the bases are just rudimentary joins at present. The final joins will be done by the layup guys who understand how thick to make them for plastic flow. They will also split the models in half and core them out.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Lun 18 Jan - 17:43

    Des news ! C'est les généraux carthaginois et romains qui vont être ravis, des renforts arrivent !

    The first set will be the armoured Spanish comprising 40 figures with a mix of spears, 2 types of sword (the falcata and gladius hispaniensis) and 2 types of shield (scutarii and caetra). The mix of weapons and shields will allow customers a very flexible approach to building their Ancient Spanish units with a nice balance between heavy and light troops.

    Steve at LittleBigMenStudios w...ill be producing a range of Spanish shield transfers to compliment the range.

    Following on from the armoured troops we will then release 12 man set of Balearic slingers, essential for softening up the Roman units opposing your Spanish/Carthaginian armies. This set will only be available direct from Victrix.

    The final release will be unarmoured Ancient Spanish infantry before we move on to the Samnites.

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    Message par CdtK le Lun 18 Jan - 18:10

    ça c'est très très sympa... Very Happy

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    Message par Chien Sauvage le Lun 18 Jan - 21:43

    Comme d habitude je prendrais deux boites de chaque

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mer 20 Jan - 17:19

    News très difficile à placer ^^, vous allez comprendre pourquoi...

    Warlord games propose une reduc de 10% sur la gamme Victrix, c'est par là !

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