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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mer 24 Fév - 21:48

    Budget bloqué
    Et en plus, il y a des gondoriens en peinture ^^.

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    Message par CdtK le Ven 26 Fév - 17:33

    Durgrim l'ancien a écrit:
    Budget bloqué
    Et en plus, il y a des gondoriens en peinture ^^.

    Gna gna gna :p trop de choses à faire cette semaine Razz

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Ven 1 Avr - 15:51

    Nouvelle sortie et green de chez Perry :
    Plastic British Infantry update.
    We received the first shots of the command frame from Renedra at the weekend for the British Infantry 1877-85 Afghanistan/Sudan. They will still need a little tweaking but just about there and Renedra have again done us proud! The intention is to release them at Salute (16th April), so fingers crossed. We’ve included a few pictures of them hurriedly stuck together over the weekend.

    You’ll notice that there is a Free metal figure that we’re giving away to customers buying 3 boxes of the Brits.

    Michael’s also started on some metal Afghan’s to complement them. These will be part of a range we’re calling ‘Victoria’s Little Wars’ (VLW) and include occasional dips into various smaller wars of her reign. Any figures from other ranges that would overlap will be pointed out, for example, some of the shell jacketed infantry we’re producing for the up coming Cape Frontier Wars range can be used with the jezail armed Afghans for the First Afghan War.

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    Message par Gibsvance le Sam 2 Avr - 9:29

    Heureusement que j'ai pas ma carte bancaire parce que je serais déjà sur le rouge mdr ! C'est figs sont sublime c'est fou ! Laughing alien

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mar 5 Avr - 15:25

    Apparemment, il y a du bonus si le livre est commandé chez les frangins Perry :

    La question est : qu'est ce qu'une vignette ?

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Mer 13 Avr - 17:23

    Des news :
    We have put the new plastic British Infantry in Afghanistan/Sudan 1877-85 up for Pre-Order.
    These will be first on sale from us at Salute and will be posted out the week after. If you are going to Salute please don't Pre-Order to collect there as there will be plenty on sale!
    If you buy three boxes you'll get the metal ensign figure FREE. There are pictures of all the figures in the box as well as two more metal Afghan Tribesmen codes to complement these plastics.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Lun 18 Avr - 18:46

    Des news :

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Sam 14 Mai - 17:46

    Quelques infos de chez le frangins :
    What's on Alan's workbench?
    Well, there's quite a variety of bits some of which are shown here.The pics of the Corsican Rangers for Egypt 1801 and a few ACW metal cavalry are just the tip of the iceberg. There will be nine new packs of British Napoleonic including mounted colonels (for Egypt and the Peninsular) , de Wattevilles and de Roll's Swiss regiments fighting for the British in Egypt and casualties.
    For the French in Egypt there will be Hussars and Chasseurs a Cheval as well as Light Infantry attacking. For French Napoleonic four packs of metal Hussars (1805-15).
    The ACW range is getting a tickle with four new Infantry packs and nine cavalry packs. All of these codes will all be released over the next three-four weeks.

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Ven 20 Mai - 16:25

    Chez les frères Perry, maintenant !

    New French cavalry for Egypt 1801

    We now have four codes of French cavalry for Egypt as well as French Light Infantry attacking.
    The 7th (Bis) Hussars were the only hussars serving in Egypt, likewise the 22nd Chasseurs a Cheval. The cut of these two regiments uniforms are basically the same, the 22nd Chasseurs even had sabretaches (rare for Chasseurs a Cheval even during this period) for full dress, but these were abandoned by all Chasseur a Cheval regiments soon after this date. The hussars are portrayed with the white woolen Arabic burnoos rolled over their shoulder for protection against sword strokes. The officers carry blunderbusses as per cavalry regulations at this point in the campaign.

    French in Egypt
    28mm metal figures designed by Alan Perry

    FE 11 Light Infantry attacking ( Kleber ordnance)
    FE 12 7th (Bis)Hussar command galloping (1800-1801 uniform)
    FE 13 7th (Bis)Hussars galloping (1800-1801 uniform)
    FE 14 22nd Chasseurs a Cheval command galloping (1801 uniform)
    FE 15 22nd Chasseurs a Cheval galloping (late 1799-1801 uniform)

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    Message par Durgrim l'ancien le Lun 30 Mai - 21:03

    C'est Perry qui régale :
    Norman Swales has made us some lovely artillery pieces so we thought we'd show them off with the crews made by Alan. These are all British Foot Artillery for Egypt 1801

    Pour les afficionados de la peinture :
    Captain David Gregory 45th Foot.

    A 75mm resin figure by Alan Perry

    Some people may remember seeing this figure at Salute a few years ago. It has taken until now to produce it, mainly trying to track down a resin maker who could work in quantity and quality that we needed. We're not sure how these will sell so the first batch is quite small and we'll see how it goes. They still take a long time to mould so there will be a delay each time we need to replenish the stock. Many thanks to Giorgio Bassani who has done a simply fantastic job painting him.
    The figure is of Captain David Gregory, who was our five times great grandfather. He joined the 45th Nottinghamshire Regiment in 1798 as a Lieutenant, served in the West Indies, joining the York Light Infantry in 1804 for one year. At the end of that service he was made captain in the 45th Foot. He served in the Peninsula and is recorded as taking part in the hard fought Battle of Talavera where the 45th received it's nick name 'The Old Stubborns'. He may have been wounded there as he was back in Britain soon after. He eventually became Lt. Colonel of the regiment at some point before 1830 (we're not sure when) when he died.
    We didn't know any of this part of our family history before a few years ago, it came as a complete surprise, as did the discovery of his pistol (on sale in America) one day later! It is now a family heirloom.

    David is now on sale at our website.

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